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      My family purchased a home that was gut rehabbed by Neal Terpstra

of Terpstra Construction and we have currently been enjoying our new

home for over 16 months. Terpstra Construction did outstanding General

Contracting work that is of high quality and we've been very pleased

with our new home.

     As someone that had completed extensive renovation in a previous

home I was excited to move into home that wouldn't require extensive

remodeling or repairs. Neal Terpstra took a classic 1920's Tudor Style

dwelling and throughly modernized it without destroying the uniqueness

of the original characteristics of the home. I enjoy our home because

it has all of the most modern conveniences and infrastructure

improvements that I would expect of a new construction home and my wife

appreciates the charm of the original wood floors, doors, and other

details that are unique to older homes. In addition, Neal's choice of

fixtures, finishes, appliances, and even landscaping made our purchase

decision a simple choice.

     It would take a few pages to detail all of the work Neal did to our

house suffice to say if he had done much more he would have simply had

to tear down the house and build a new one. We now have updated

plumbing, sewage, electrical, heating, cooling, insulation, and

roofing. In addition Neal took a home with an older layout and

modernized it and open up space by installing trusses and steel beams

that massively expanded the open spaces of the home. Most notably in

our living room, dining room, kitchen area and most expecially in our

basement which now has open areas extending over 40 feet.

     The quality of Neal's work and his attention to detail makes his

work distinctive from what you will find in many new construction and

rehab products. From the ornate 6 inch baseboards, to the crown molding

installed in every room on the first and second floor, to the Spanish

tile Neal installed in the three full bathrooms in this house, fit and

finish quality is outstanding. His thoughtful choices in installing a

high efficiency heating and cooling system, water heater, and upgraded

insulation make our monthly utility costs ridiculously modest.

     Neal is also very flexible, when we wanted to install pedestal

sinks instead of vanity style of sink Neal worked with us to install

our new pedestral sinks quickly and professionally. When we noticed a

hair line crack in the mortar of one of the tiles in our bathroom Neal

offered to replace our entire bathroom floor to correct the problem.

We've used Neal numerous times for projects around our new home and

would enthusiastically recommend him for jobs large and small. Neal is

a very capable craftsman who is also capable of general contraction

complex residential new construction and remodeling jobs. We highly

recommend Terpstra construction.


Chris Bernard

Elmhurst, IL